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de Naverán, Isabel
Born in 1976, Isabel de Naverán is a graduate of the University of the Basque Country (Department of Fine Arts). She participated in the Ph.D. course “Thoughts and Practice in Contemporary Art” at the University’s Department of Philosophy and Social Anthropology. Since 1998 she has been a member of a research group on the subject “Virtual Archive of Scenic and Action Arts” (coordination: José Antonio Sánchez) in Spain. In 2003 she participated in a choreography and composition workshop at the Contredanse, Brussels, under the direction of Marian del Valle and Monica Klingler (instructors: the artists Gilles and Stella Divivier). In the same year, Isabel de Naverán developed her first choreographic work. The choreography “La puta inocencia” (with Idoia Zabaleta) was selected for the dance festival “VII Rencontres Choregraphiques de Seine-Saint-Denis” in Paris.
Her work focuses on site-specific installations that combine audiovisual elements with performance art. Currently she is working on a thesis on the subject “Video as a window in new dance”.
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