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Deufert, Dr. phil. Kattrin
Born in 1973, Kattrin Deufert studied theatre, film and media studies in Frankfurt on the Main, London and Brussels. She worked as a programme coordinator for art projects at the Goethe-Institut in Brussels and in the programme division for New Music at Hessischer Rundfunk. With Manfred H. Wenninger she founded the independent ensemble “Breakthrough”. From 1997 to 2000 she was a doctoral candidate in the post-graduate programme “Körper-Inszenierungen” (“Stagings of the Body”) of the Freie Universität Berlin, where she earned a doctorate with her dissertation “John Cages Theater der Präsenz” (“John Cage’s Theatre of Presence”). In 2002 she co-founded the “Diskursive Poliklinik” (DPK) in Berlin and, together with Thomas Plischke, the “frankfurter küche” (FK) in Leipzig. At FK, Kattrin Deufert has been working exclusively with Thomas Plischke as the artist twins “deufert + plischke” since 2003. Their works include various theatre projects, slide and video installations, as well as text and video publications. Their plays “inexhaustible (RW)”, “Directory”, and “As if (it was beautiful)” were also developed at FK. “deufert + plischke” are members of the international artists collective “Veronika Blumstein Group”; they live in Hamburg.
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