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Doehler-Behzadi, Dr. Marta
Marta Doehler-Behzadi was born in 1957. After her studies at the Hochschule für Architektur und Bauwesen in Weimar, now Bauhaus-Universität, she worked in the office of the chief architect of the city of Leipzig. Later she worked at the GDR’s Bauakademie in Berlin. Afterwards she returned to Leipzig to work for the Büro für Architektur und Stadtraumplanung.
Marta Doehler-Behzadi has been an independent architect since 1991. In 1993 she and Iris Reuther established the Büro für urbane Projekte in Leipzig. Further information on Dr. Marta Doehler-Behzadi’s work and the Büro für urbane Projekte is available at
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