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Cichocki, Sebastian
Sebastian Cichocki was born in 1975 in Gliwice (Upper Silesia), where he lives also today. He studied sociology at the Silesian University in Katowice. His thesis dealt with the Jewish minority in Poland.
Sebastian Cichocki works as a curator for “Kronika”, the gallery for contemporary art of the Bytomskie Centrum Kultury (Bytom arts centre), and writes as an art critic. Since 2000 he has published more than two hundred and fifty texts on contemporary art in exhibition catalogues and art magazines (e.g., Atreon, Opcje, Ultramaryna). Furthermore he is editor of the fine arts section of the magazine “Opcje”.
Cichocki curated numerous exhibitions and organized cultural projects for various institutions in Poland and Germany. He cooperates with well-known institutions like the Foksal Gallery Foundation in Warsaw, the Bytomskie Centrum Kultury in Bytom, the Büro Kopernikus in Berlin as well as the post-graduate programme Curatorial Studies” at the Jagielloian University in Kraków, where he also teaches. Currently he cooperates with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, where he is a member of the Programme Board.
Cichocki regularly gives art-historical talks in Poland and abroad (e.g., at Bunkier Sztuki in Kraków, the National Art Gallery Zachęta and the Raster Gallery in Warsaw, The School of Art Institute of Chicago, and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.)
Sebastian Cichocki is involved in three of Büro Kopernikus’ projects: the dance theatre production “Skarbek”, the “Elektropopklub”, and the radio art project “RadioSimulator”.
Recent publications:
“Memorials of Identity. New Media from the Rubell Family Collection”, Miami, USA, 2006; “Wilhelm Sasnal. Paintings and Film”, Van Abbenmuseum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 2006; “Das Radio empfiehlt. Budny, Elsner, Ziólkowski”, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Germany, 2006; “Ideal City/Invisible Cities”, Zamość & Potsdam, Poland/Germnany, 2006; “Co robiła łaczniczka. Ksiażka o ksiażce Zbigniewa Libery i Darka Foksa”, Kronika, Bytom, Poland, 2006; “Raport (Not Announcement)”, BAK, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2006; “Robert Kuśmirowski. Ornaments of Anatomy”, Kunstverein Hamburg, Germany, 2006; “Muzeum sztuki. Antologia tekstów”, Universitas, Kraków, Poland, 2005.
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