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Degens, Marc
Born in 1971 in Essen, Marc Degens has been working as a critic, publisher, and author in Berlin since 1999. His work is not restricted to any particular genre: he writes poems, stories, dramas, essays, columns, and reviews. His writings have appeared in “FAZ”, “taz”, “ndl”, “Merkur”, and “titanic.” He also worked for the radio (Deutschlandfunk) and was co-editor of the magazine “Der Sprung.”
At present, Marc Degens is the editor of “”, a cultural magazine on the Internet, programme director of the SuKuLTuR publishing house, and lyricist and singer of the pop formation Superschiff. He is also editor of the booklet series “Schöner Lesen.”
Numerous individual publications: e.g., “Unsere Popmoderne” (stories, 2005), “Rückbau” (stories, 2003), “Vanity Love” (novel, 1997).
You can read more about the audio installation for “Radio_Copernicus” here.
Please also visit Marc Degens’s website: