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Hartwich, Mateusz
Born in 1979 in Wrocław, he took Cultural Studies at the Europa University Viadrina, in Frankfurt-on-Oder, where he is currently completing a doctorate in “Tourism and History”.
Mateusz Hartwich is interested in the problems of border areas and the history of German-Polish relationships and interconnections. He is chairman of the German-Polish association “transkultura” and the co-initiator of various cross-border projects such as " &" and "terra transoderana - histories in flow". More recently, in Frankfurt-on-Oder, he has been establishing an independent “Institute for Applied History” which should make the history of the border area more accessible. Alongside this, Mateusz Hartwich works as a translator and is part of the Berlin-based, German-Polish advertising agency “Piktogram”. He is also an editor with the German-Polish online press service “Transodra Spezial”. For more information (German and Polish language only) please visit
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