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Miglus, Kornel
Kornel Miglus was born in 1957 in Tarnowskie Góry, Upper Silesia. He studied philosophy, linguistics, and psychology in Poland, the USA, and Germany. Subsequently he was a doctoral candidate at the AI Institute in Berlin. His cinematic education comprised the three large areas of production (DFFB/Berlin, Hunter College/New York), direction (with K. Kieślowski EFA/Amsterdam, Y. Bogayewicz/Berlin) and screenplay (Schlesinger and Cunningham, SOURCES, Julien Friedman).
Since 1994 Kornel Miglus has directed the film office of the Polish Institute in Berlin. In 1996/97 he was a member of the editorial board of “ABC des Films” for “Radiomultikulti” of the radio station Sender Freies Berlin. In the academic year 1997/98 he taught screenplay and film analysis at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Between 1997 and 1999 he held film workshops at the Spremberg correctional facility. Since 1998 he has organised documentary workshops for adolescents on a regular basis. In 2006 he established the foundation “Nowa Ameryka”.
Documentary films and documentations:
2006 Author: “Was geschah in Frankfurt am 3. Juli ’74”, Büro Kopernikus
2006 Author: “Bulgaria D. C.”, Vacant, WFOiD Poland, TV Polska
2005 Production/direction: “September ’39”, Vacant, Polish Institute, WFOiPE
2005 Idea: “Ein Blick über den Fluss”, Vacant, Rejs e. V., BpB
2004 DP/Video: “Zauberflöte”, Polished / Staatsbankberlin
2003 DP/co-author: “Estland Mon Amour”, MDR, ARTE, SWR
2003 Co-author: “Black See”, Filmtank (Hamburg), Media
2001 Direction/production: “Day in, day out”, Fair Play (Berlin), Wizual (Poland)
2001 DP/Video: “13 Kapitel:”, Schauspielhaus Bochum
2000 Direction: “Saturday Afternoon Fever”, TV PL 2
2000 Co-production: „Zygielbojms Tod“, TV PL 1
1997 Direction/production: “Die Polen vom Potsdamer Platz”, ARTE, NRD, TV PL 1
Fictional film and TV productions:
2005 Co-production: “Strenger”, Pandora Frankfurt, STI Warsaw, NRW Filmstiftung, Bavaria, ARTE
2003 Script/co-production: “Marie”, MDM, Vacant (Berlin), Mediopolis (Berlin), Apple Film (Warsaw), TV PL 1
2001 Screenplay (50 episodes): “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten”, Grundy UFA
1999 Screenplay: “My sweet Lady Di”
1996 DP: “120 Tage von Bottrop”, Volksfilm (Berlin), Ziegler Filmproduktion (Berlin)
1995 Screenplay: “Import-Export”, Jost Hering Film, Films de L’Atlante
1994 Screenplay/direction: “Die Muse”, CIAK Film (Cologne)
1993 Screenplay: “Die Lustgärten”, Trans Film (Berlin)
1991 Direction/co-production: “... am Ende des Reiches”, Kay & Me (Berlin), Ferro Film (Wrocław)
1989 Screenplay: “Krokodil in Berlin”, LG&T (New York)
1988 Screenplay: “Country Dreams”, LG&T (New York)
1987 Production: “In Out”, LG&T (New York)
Work in progress:
“Love AG”, documentary film project, Filmtank, ZDF, Vacant
“Goethes Reise”, documentary film project, Mediopolis, Vacant, MDR.
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