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“Darkness Everywhere"
by Paweł Sala

With his play "Darkness Everywhere" Paweł Sala won the drama contest of the baz@rt festival (Kraków 2005). Directed by Paweł Miśkiewicz, the play was shown on 10 December 2005 at the festival Europe Learning – Frankfurt meets Krakow in Frankfurt on the Main.


1. Write a morality play without moralising.
2. Create a mystery play as in the Middle Ages, set simultaneously in two hierarchically ordered worlds, but without the concurrent plot lines revealing which world is the higher one.
3. Write a national drama without invoking the nation; show the community as a congeries of atomised individuals, constantly fighting and chasing after something that appears terribly important to them.
4. Look at this from a different perspective (a different world) to realise that this is all an illusion.
5. Show the “rat race”, in which there is no more “cheese” at the end. The race of which nobody knows the rules and the referee.

A complete summary of the play by Paweł Sala as download
Kraków: Stary Teatr / Frankfurt on the Main: schauspielfrankfurt (schmidtstrasse12)
Kraków: “baz@rt” festival, 4-8 Nov. 05
Frankfurt/Main: festival "Europe Learning - Frankfurt meets Krakow", 9-11 Dec. 05
Participating Institutions
Stary Teatr, Kraków
schauspielfrankfurt, Frankfurt/Main
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